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What You Get

The cleanest and most reliable used cooking oil service in Wisconsin!

High Quality Containers

We have several options for containers based on your restaurant’s needs. All of our containers are user-friendly, weatherproof, have locking lids, and are clean upon delivery. We set up our containers free of charge at the location that works best for you.

Friendly On-Call Service

At Blue Honey Bio-Fuels, we take pride in answering the phone and addressing your concerns right away. Taking care of our customers is our #1 priority.


We guarantee that we pay you a fair and highly competitive price for your used cooking oil.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Line Jetting Services

Upon request, we provide comprehensive grease trap cleaning and line jetting services to meet your every need!

Green Marketing

Allow our expert marketing personnel to work with you on a green marketing platform that will enhance your company image and attract more customers. We also provide attractive marketing material to display in your place of business, including window clings and certificates of recognition.

Scheduled Routine Pick-Ups

Our customized routing system ensures your oil is collected on-time and on a regular basis, without you having to make a call. Our scheduling aims to empty out containers when they are 3/4 full to reduce the risk of overflow. If your container reaches capacity before your scheduled pick-up, we guarantee emergency servicing within 48 hours.

Clean Collection Process

Our state-of-the-art collection process ensures that your containers never have to be moved or lifted, keeping your containers clean and avoiding spills. Our trucks are equipped with hundreds of feet of hose that pump out your used cooking oil, allowing easy access to containers even in tight spaces.

Power Wash Cleaning Services

Upon request, we provide power wash cleaning services and clean your entire waste cooking oil containment area.

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