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Who We Are

Blue Honey Bio-Fuels, a locally owned operation, is a waste vegetable oil collection and refining company that opened its doors in 2007. BHBF collects and refines old fryer oils and grease trap wastes for use in the production of biofuels (bio-diesel, ethanol, jet fuels, etc.) Our processors, set up in multiple locations throughout Wisconsin, convert these waste vegetable oils into useable products. We proudly serve over 500 local restaurants!

Our primary goals are to work with local farmers, the food industry, and the fuel industry to supply quality products and support for each.

Our mission is threefold:

1. To work with farmers and vegetable oil vendors to produce and supply quality vegetable oils for use in food production.

2. To collect these vegetable oils from food production facilities and restaurants to prevent them from going into the waste stream.

3. To process these oils for the production of bio-fuels. We are happy to work with individuals and companies with the production or sourcing of food oils, the reclamation and recycling of waste oils, and the options for use of our processed oils as fuel.

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