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Vegetable and peanut oil comes from plants grown right here in Wisconsin and the Midwest. This oil can be used for food and the waste can then be refined and used as a fuel source – Bio-Fuel!


By working with Blue Honey Bio-Fuels your used cooking oil strengthens our economy, protects our environment, and enhances people’s lives here and across the globe.

According to the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence, it is estimated that 85% of all petroleum expenditures leave the state. Every gallon of used cooking oil that Blue Honey collects displaces a gallon of fossil fuels. This keeps fuel dollars here in our region and strengthens our regional economy.

Burning diesel fuels is contributing to the increasing amount of pollutants released into our air every day. Biodiesel has had a complete evaluation of its health effects and environmental impact by the EPA, and has passed EPA guidelines under the Clean Air Act.

Your used cooking oil is enhancing the well-being of people here in the Midwest by keeping more fuel dollars in our local region, and increasing the availability of clean vehicle fuels. Your used cooking oil is part of the solution!


Used cooking oil matters more than you think. The capability for used cooking oils to be used as renewable energy helps alleviate the growing strain on the planet’s dwindling energy resources.

By allowing us to collect your used cooking oil you are helping contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for us all. When used cooking oil is refined and processed it contributes to helping maintain a healthy environment in the following ways:

  • Converting used cooking oil into bio-fuel offers a safer and more efficient alternative to landfill, composting, and incineration.
  • Carbon and Nitrogen is diverted away from the soil, surface waters, and atmosphere through recycling.
  • The Carbon and Nitrogen that is collected is turned into useful products which reduces the production of greenhouse gases that result when newer products are produced and used.
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